Carterville High School Students can find detailed information about the courses offered in the Course Description Book below. The course lists are a quick and easy reference guide to view available courses for each grade. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet may help answer questions you have during the registration process. If you have additional questions, you may email your guidance counselor directly.

PE Waiver Information: Students in grades 10-12 may request a PE Waiver if they are involved in certain extracurricular activities. The credit waiver will only be granted for the semester of involvement in the activity. Students involved in winter activities (basketball, bowling, cheer, dance, and wrestling) may choose the fall or spring semester, but will only be granted one semester of waived PE credit for that activity. PLEASE NOTE: Sophomore students are NOT eligible for athletic waivers. Sophomores may only request a waiver for Marching Band.

Click here to complete the PE Waiver Request Form.

Additional Programs for Senior Students: Senior students may request entry into one of our off-campus additional programs. Students must provide their own transportation for these programs. Submitting a request does not guarantee entry into the selected program. Students will be contacted before the beginning of school next fall if they are admitted into the selected program.

Click here to submit a request to participate in one of our additional programs.